Recommendation of sustainable development concept and assistance in preparing for ESG rating application

Group of companies, producing and selling biodegradable packaging since 2002. The group offers wide range of goods, produced under its own brands. The goods of the group are sold in more than 100 cities of Russia with population of over 100,00 and EAEU countries. The group of companies is well presented on the Russian market, has trustworthy and strong client and partner relations. However, it’s growth was limited due to the lack of sustainable development strategy, ESG projects, systems, policies and decision-making processes required for ESG rating and responsible supply chain of the largest Russian retailers.

ESG Consulting has provided the following services:
  • ESGAudit and recommendations for ESG development
  • Sustainable development concept, plan and new positioning strategy
  • Support in developing required policies and procedures for ESG development: responsible HR policy, responsible marketing policy, Codex of responsible purchases
  • Survey of employees and clients of the group in order to identify strengths and weaknesses of the companies, areas for development of the HR policy and defining the key material topics for disclosure in the sustainability report of the group
  • Drafting sustainable development report of the group for its further development and publication by the company


Katerina Gerus

The founder of the agency ESG Consulting

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