Series of ESG seminars for employees of the retail company

Middle size retailer with shops in many regions of Russia. The retailer is aiming to transform its activity to more sustainable model. The management of the company is actively involved in ESG process.  The task of the company was to educate and motivate its personnel to support ESG transformation and to change the corporate culture.

ESG Consulting has provided the following services:
  1. Series of ESG seminars has been developed together with the management of the client. The aim of the educational programme was to teach and motivate the personnel to reach ESG goals and perform ESG events.
  2. Series of 5 ESG seminars has been organised to cover the following topics:
  • ESG and why it is important in the modern world
  • Ecological packaging and responsible deliveries
  • Carbon footprint and new legislation
  • Nonfinancial reporting: targets and content
  • ESGdevelopment and new corporate culture


Katerina Gerus

The founder of the agency ESG Consulting

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