ESG services

Communication audit and development of recommendations about the finalization of acommunication strategy, reflecting ESG-factors

Improved management practices, which include ecological and social factors as a result of  a business’ transision to a sustainable development model, as well as the company’s ability to reveal impacts of such management, lead to an increase in the total value created and the positive reputation of the company. It is necessary to include ESG aspects in daily internal and external communications, marketing and investor relations; disclose key corporate news/messages in press-releases and company news, talk about your path to sustainable development, using all available channels – the official website, social networks, media and blogs, etc.

The pecialists of ESG Consulting, qualified in strategic communications, marketing and PR, will analyze the communication channels used to promote your company’s goods and services; prepare recommendations for finalizing the communication strategy in the context of Sustainable Development Goals and promote your company as a strong, responsible and prospective business.

Other services

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