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Every year the problem of climate change becomes more and more urgent. One of the main sources of environmental pollution are greenhouse gases, which accumulate in the atmosphere and increase the greenhouse effect. The sum of all emissions that humanity and business produce is called the carbon footprint.

Following the Paris Agreement of 04 November 2016 and the decree of the President of the Russian Federation of 23 September 2019 the new law “On limiting greenhouse gas emissions” has recently came into force. New legislation assumes the introduction of a step-by-step model for the regulation of greenhouse gas emissions in the Russian Federation. The main objective of the new legislation is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 25-30% compared to the 1990 level, taking into consideration economic growth and an increase in the absorptive capacity of forests. Due to changes in legislation in Russia, mandatory carbon reporting has been introduced for large emitters of hydrocarbon. Within the framework of this system, in the first stage – before 2024 – mandatory carbon reporting will be disclosed by enterprises thatare large emitters of hydrocarbon (more than 150 thousand tons of carbon dioxide equivalent per year). After 2024, the reporting will be disclosed by companies whose emissions exceed 50 thousand tons of carbon dioxide per year.

Despite the fact that carbon reporting is not yet mandatory for other companies, its disclosure provides companies with a number of important advantages: an improved corporate green image, increased ESG rating, the ability to attract external funding, growth of trust from Western suppliers, clients and investors.

Specialists of ESG Consulting will estimate the carbon footprint and prepare the carbon reporting of your company in line with international and Russian standards (GHG Protocol Scope 1, Scope 2, Scope 3, GOST R 56276 – 2014/ISO/TS 14067:2013 UGLERODNIY SLED PRODUCTSII and group of standards GOST R ISO 14064). We will also develop a system of corporate climate system “Management of greenhouse gas emissions”, “Management of climate risks”, “Management of the carbon footprint production” and provide other support in reducing the hydrocarbon emissions of your company.

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