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Preparation of Sustainable Development Report for a company

Transparency of corporate activity is now one of the most important trends of the global markets, one of the requirements for the growth of investments attractiveness and business competitiveness.

Nonfinancial reporting, including sustainable development reports, plays an important role for business transparency. A sustainable development report is an important tool of interaction with investors. It demonstrates that a company considers ecological, social and governance aspects in its activity, thus reducing image and social risks of internal or external conflicts and ecological sanctions. Additionally, the report becomes an important element of corporate ethics and culture, an opportunity for public presentation of the company’s socially important activity, improves reputation and demonstrates clear governance structure and transparency.

The experts of ESG Consulting will prepare a Sustainable Development Report for your company according to the GRI, SASB and UN SDGs international standards and requirements as well as best practices of the Russian and western companies, reflecting all interest of the company’s stakeholders.

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